The Beginning

In 2012, two Maple Valley area friends and veterans learned they shared a vision: to build a world-class veterans memorial in Maple Valley. One that would honor those from our community, who had honorably served their country in one of the United States Armed Forces.

The Foundation

There continues to be a growing need for veteran outreach and assistance. The suicide rate, degree of homelessness, substance abuse, mental disorders, and physical disabilities among our veterans is staggering. Seeking out the available resources to address their needs can be a daunting task for anyone. Often times, the government programs meant to service them fall short.

The foundation intends to use the memorial as a vehicle to continue to raise money and awareness for many veteran related issues. Ultimately, our goal is to provide assistance and support for our veterans in as many ways as possible. These are our friends and we want to help them, but first, we need your help.

The Memorial

Conceptually designed to provide a sense of serenity and peace, an obelisk will greet visitors at the beginning of the walkway. As they make their way up to the memorial, they will see an outer and inner ring. The outer ring is meant to provide moments of reflection, while the inner ring consists of five walls depicting each of the military branches: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Each wall engraved with the names of local veterans who answered the call. Imagine yourself sitting inside this ring, surrounded by those who volunteered to protect the very freedoms we enjoy. This is your time, with your veteran, with their brothers and sisters in arms. When finished, this memorial will truly be hallowed ground.

The memorial will be located at the intersection of Witte Road and SE 248th, directly across the street from the Maple Valley Library. It will provide visitors with easy access and parking due to our strong partnerships with the Maple Valley Community Center and the City of Maple Valley Parks Department.

Let’s build something together.